Blukic and Driba vs. Evil is the ninety-ninth episode of Ben 10: Universal Road Trip.


Blukic and Driba prove themselves to face a new enemy to help Ben, Rook, Helen and Pierce with.

Major Events:Edit

  • Ben, Rook, Helen and Pierce encounter King Neron and his army, the Qandhar when they fight him for 5 of the Gems of Infinity.
  • King Neron has claimed the first of Gems of Infinity from the Planet Merlania.
  • The First Gem of Infinity (Blue Triangular Shaped) is called the Eyes of Infinity, which gives the user the ability to see beyond normal sight.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Helen Wheels
  • Pierce Wheels
  • Blukic
  • Driba
  • Azmuth - gives info on the 5 Gems of Infinity


  • King Nero - reclaims the first of the Gems
  • Qandhar:
    • Diaboron
    • Phaion
    • Wumba
    • Norgon
    • Shea

Aliens used:Edit





  • King Neron has the same appearance and voice actor as the Mad Titan, Thanos, only difference is that it is more robotic.
  • His Qandhar also have the same appearance as the Black Order, only difference is that hey are based on the five senses.
  • The Golden Fist's Gems is similar to the Infinity Stones.