Pokesquad series EpisodesEdit

Name, #, plot, event
Law of Nature 1 20 years later in 2018, Ash (at age 21), Misty (at age 23), and Brock (at age 26) crash landed in a new version of the Pokemon World, Ash has been Transformed into a Pokeman. Misty is a Tamaranian, and Brock is the new Mr. Fantastic. Ash and the gang must stop the Man-Dragon from ruling Pokopulis and destroying the last Pokemon patch, who will triumph. Ash and Misty get married in this episode.

Matthew Broderick (as Ash), Jodi Benson (as Misty), Robin Williams (as Brock), Travis J. Gould (as Man-Dragon), Tim Curry (as Gary at age 31), Angelina Jolie (as Daisy), David Thewlis (as Cyber), Mark Hamill (as Hexes), Jeff Bridges (as Alan Ketchum), and Anthony Hopkins (as Professor Oak).

also Steven Blum (Tracey), Tara Strong (May), Kevin Michael Richardson (Regidon), Diedrich Bader (Rafe), Jennifer Hale (Dawn and Delia), Fred Tatasciore (Cilan), Katie Griffin (Iris), Quinton Flynn (Harley), Corey Burton (Cynatron), and Clancy Brown (Megatron and Von Phrockon)

writtten by Travis J. Gould directed by Travis
A New Generation 2 16-year old Leo Den wins a scholarship to Dream Weavers Academy to meet his sister, Kimmy, his best friends, Jim and Johnny and his new friends Sasha, Monica, Tori, Larry and Claire, where they must help teachers from Hexes and the Dark Orca! Blue Team is formed! Yuri Lowenthal (as Leo), Maggie Blue O'Hara (as Sasha), Nolan North (Larry), Khary Payton (Johnny), Will Friedle (Jimmy), Cree Summer (Monica and Mandy Simmons), Grey DeLisle (Tori), Megan Fahlenbock (Claire), Mark Hamill (Hexes),

Christopher Grey (Elite 3), Stephenie Lemlin (Kimmy), Phil LaMarr (Hulenbork), Kelly Hu (as Spidergaris), Greg Cipes (I.R.O.N.O.X.), Tom Felton (Iron Eagle), Bumper Robinson (Mordred) and Jeff Bennett (The Dark Orca)!

Vampire Queen 3 Misty is bitten by Count Dracula and Ash will try to rescue her from becoming his queen, which will triumph? Ash's pen pal Wilbur Pastovich appears! Corey Burton (Dracula), Fred Tatasciore (Manticore)!

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