The Pokesqaud Family Tree.

Family TreeEdit

Pokesquad Family Tree

Dawn's Family Tree

  • Mark Wolf Simmons (Ray Winstone) - Father, Sarcanian.
  • Mandy Rachel Simmons (Cree Summer) - Mother, Dragon Lord
  • Drake Roark Simmons/ Man-Dragon (Travis J. Gould) - Oldest Son/brothter, Dragon Lord/ Sarcanian.
  • Val Khan Simmons (Greg Cipes) - Second son/brother, Dragon Lord/ Sarcanian/ Osmosian.
  • Dawn Rachel Simmons/ Jinx (Jennifer Hale) - Daughter, Dragon Lord/ Sarcanian.
  • Dagirth (Don Franks) - Grandfather, Mother side of the family.
  • Draco (David Kaye) - Uncle, Mother Side of the family.
  • Vulpamix (Clancy Brown) - Uncle, Mother side.
  • Yilar (Matt Frewer) - Uncle, Mother's twin!

Ash's Family Tree

  • Alan Ketchum/ Raider Prime (Jeff Bridges) - Father, Sarcanian.
  • Delia Ketchum (Jennifer Hale) - Mother, Human.
  • Rebecca Ketchum (Amanda Bynes) - Daughter/ Sister, Human/ Sarcanian.
  • Ryan Ketchum/ Dr. Rampage (Travis Gould) -Son/ Brother, Mutant Sarcanian.
  • Ash Ketchum/ Ashemis Prime (Matthew Broderick) -Son, Sarcanian Human.
  • Misty Ketchum/ Star Prime (Jodi Benson) - Wife, Tamaranian.
  • Hagardhis Cachan (Christopher Lee) - Grandfather, Human.
  • Mark Wolf Simmons (Ray Winstone) - Uncle, Sarcanian)
  • Slade Wilson/ Sladhis Cachan (Jeremy Irons) - Uncle, Human Sarcanian!
  • Mandy Rachel Simmons (Cree Summer) - Aunt, DragonLord!
  • Maximus Cachan (George Clooney) - Uncle, Sarcanian.
  • Daniel Ketchum/ Little Prime (Jonah Bobo) son, Sarcanian/ Tamaranian.

Gary's Family Tree

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