The League find themselves traveling through time when a new threat called, Imperiex threatens the future of the Justice League. While traveling through time, the League find themselves worried about the future of their new lives.


  • Justice League:
    • Clark Kent/Superman (George Newbern)
    • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Kevin Conroy) - goes on a search for Tim when he has been missing for 3 weeks, only to get stabbed in the leg by the Joker
    • Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Susan Eisenberg) - stays with Justice Lord Batman
    • John Stewart/Green Lantern (Phil LaMarr) - stripped of his ring and sector by the Guardians for killing Shadow Thief out of revenge for Vixen's death
    • Shayera Hol/Hawkgirl (Maria Canals Barrera) - marries John after Vixen's funeral, living with him in Africa
    • Wally West/Flash (Michael Rosenbaum) - sacrifices himself along with Jay and Bart to fix the timeline caused by by his Uncle Barry Allen.
    • Eel O'Brien/Plastic Man (Tom Kenny)
    • Victor Stone/Cyborg (Khary Payton)
    • Virgil Hawkins/Static (Phil LaMarr)
    • Koriand'r/Starfire (Jodi Benson) - in a love triangle between her, Dick and Barbara
    • Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate (Oded Fehr)
    • Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Oogie Banks)
    • Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm (Zach Shada)
      • Professor Martin Stein (Xander Berkley)
    • Mari McCabe/Vixen (Gina Torres) - killed by Shadow Thief
    • Orion (Ron Perlman)
    • Ray Palmer/Atom (Peter Scholari)
    • Al Rothstein/Atom Smasher
    • Curt Falconer/Aztek
    • Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Morena Baccarin)
    • Daniel Cassidy/Blue Devil
    • Michael Carter/Booster Gold (Tom Everett Scott)
      • Skeets (Billy West)
    • Michael Maxwell/B’Wana Beast (Peter Onorati)
    • Nathaniel Adams/Captain Atom (Chris Cox)
    • Hank Heywood III/Commander Steel
    • Jack Ryder/Creeper (Jeff Bennett)
    • Lee Travis/Crimson Avenger (Kevin Conroy)
    • Vivian and Constance D' Aramis/Crimson Fox
    • Kimiyo Hoshi/Dr. Light (Lauren Tom)
    • Charles McNeider/Doctor Mid-Nite
    • Ralph Diby/Elongated Man (Jeremy Piven)
    • Jason Blood/Etrigan (Michael T. Weiss)
    • Beatriz da Costa/Fire (Maria Canals Barrera)
    • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Kin Shriner)
    • Cynthia Reynolds/Gypsy
    • Hank and Don Hall/Hawk and Dove (Jason Hervey and Fred Savage)
    • Rick Tyler/Hourman
    • Tora Olafsdottir/Ice
    • Johnny Thunder
    • Rex Mason/Metamorpho (Tom Sizemore)
    • Michael Holt/Mr. Terrific (Michael Beach)
    • Tom Tresser/Nemesis
    • Todd Rice/Obsidian
    • Vic Sage/Question (Jeffrey Combs)
    • Raymond Terill/Ray
    • Red Tornado (???)
    • Rocket Red
    • Sanderson Hawkins/Sand
    • Sir Justin/Shining Knight (Chris Cox)
    • Roy Harper/Speedy (Mike Irwin)
    • Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl (Giselle Loren)
    • Prince Gavyn/Starman
    • John Henry Irons/Steel (Phil LaMarr)
    • Pat Dugan/Stripe (Phil LaMarr)
    • Paco Ramone/Vibe
    • Gregory Sanders/Vigilante (Nathan Fillon)
    • Matthew Ryder/Waverider
    • Ted Grant/Wildcat (Dennis Farina)
    • Zatanna (Jennifer Hale)
  • JLU (New Gotham):
    • Terry McGinnis/Batman (Will Friedle)
    • Clark Kent/Superman (Tim Daly)
    • Rex Stewart/Warhawk (Peter Onotari)
    • Marina Curry/Aquagirl (Jodi Benson) - in love with Rex
    • Big Barda (Farrah Forke)
    • Micron (Wayne Brady)
    • Kai-Ro/Green Lantern (Lauren Tom)
    • Danica Williams/Flash (Grey Griffen)
    • Billy Batson/Captain Marvel (Jerry O'Connell)
    • Virgil Hawkins/Static (Phil LaMarr) - reservist member, married to Frieda Goren and has a son and daughter with her
    • Richie Foley/Gear (Jason Marsden) - reservist member
  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Loren Lester) - is seen a love triangle with Batgirl and Starfire
  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl (Tara Strong) - after suffering a miscarriage from an affair from Bruce, she marries Sam Young, and is given a batarang as a wedding present by Dick, who didn't come to the wedding
  • Tim Drake/Robin (Scott Menville) - tortured by Joker for three weeks into becoming a miniature version of him, but was forced into killing him to break free and was rehabilited by Dr. Thompkins
  • Project Cadmus:
    • Amanda Waller (C.C.H. Pounder) - believes the world needs Batman
  • Carter Hall/Hawkman (James Remar) - killed in execution by the Rannians, which released Shadow Thief from his body to get revenge on John
  • Adam Strange (Max Mittlemen) - aids Lantern and Shayera in tracking down Shadow Thief
  • Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Scott Rummell)
  • Queen Mera (Kristin Bauer)
  • Prince Arthur Curry, Jr. (David Baustina)
  • Scott Free/Mr. Miracle (Ioan Gruffudd) - left to New Genesis to strengthen the ties, while Barda as advisor to the United Nations
  • Oberon (Dick Miller)
  • Highfather (Mitchell Ryan)
  • Jay Garrick/Golden Age Flash (Michael Gross) - sacrifices himself along with Wally and Bart to fix the timeline caused by by Barry Allen
  • Bart Allen/Impulse (Jason Marsden) - sacrifices himself along with Jay and Bart to fix the timeline caused by Barry Allen
  • Billy Batson/Captain Marvel (Jerry O'Connell) - teams up with Superman when Black Adam attacks
  • Frieda Goren (Danica McKellar) - when Static reveals his true identity to her, she was shocked but understanding.
  • Atomic Knights:
    • Gardner Grayle (Ben McKenzie)
    • Doug Herald (Jason O'Mara)
    • Wayne Hobbard (Robbie Daymond)
    • Hollis Hobbard (Jennifer Martin)
    • Bryndon Smith (Brian Bloom)
  • Enemy Ace (Peter Jessop)
  • Legion of Super-Heroes:
    • Rokk Krinn/Cosmic Boy (Chad Lowe)
    • Imra Ardeen/Saturn Girl (Melissa Joan Hart)
    • Garth Ranzz/Lightning Lad
    • Kara In-Ze/Supergirl (Nicholle Tom)
    • Querl Dox/Brainiac 5 (Matt Czuchry)
    • Chuck Taine/Bouncing Boy (Googy Gress)
    • Reep Daggle/Chameleon Boy (Jason Priestly)
    • Laurel Grand/Andromeda
    • Blok
    • Gim Allon/Colossal Boy
    • Nura Nal/Dream Girl
    • James Cullen/Kid Quantum
    • Ayla Ranzz/Light Lass
    • Tinya Wazzo/Phantom Girl (Nicholle Tom)
    • Tasmia Mallor/Shadow Lass
    • Brin Londo/Timber Wolf
    • Jo Nah/Ultra Boy
    • Luornu Durgo/Triplicate Girl
    • Drake Burroughs/Wildfire
  • Rip Hunter (Paul St. Peter)


  • Imperiex (Phil Morris) - the main antagonist, and the result of the Tim Alternations. His goal is to ???
  • Joker (Mark Hamill) - kidnaps and tortures Robin for 3 weeks crafting him into a miniature version of him, as revenge for Batman using Ace against him putting him in a catatonic state, he also uses Cadmus tech to ensure he takes control of Tim's body
  • Harley Quinn (Arleen Sorkin)
  • Shadow Thief (James Remar) - breaks free when Hawkman is killed for a double cross by the Rannians, and he seeks vengeance against John by killing Vixen. Only to be shot in the head by a green bullet used by Lantern, resulting in him getting expelled from the Green Lantern Corp.
  • Apokolkps:
    • Darkseid (Michael Ironside) - was revealed to be not balanced enough with Luthor to enter the Source Wall
    • Granny Goodness (Edward Asner) - tends to raise Aquaman's second born child as a trainee to Darkseid
    • Deep Six - underwater minions to Darkseid to kidnap Mareena
    • Female Furies:
      • Lashina (Diane Michelle)
      • Mad Harriet (Andrea Martin)
      • Stompa (Diane Delano)
  • Derek Powers (Sherman Howard)
  • Mr. Fixx (George Takei) - lost his left eye to Batman's batarang, he also caused the death of Nobu Otaka, while Micron's mother, a fire fighter wa exposed to the gas that gave birth to her son, Micron
  • Curare (Melissa Disney) - revealed to be one of the monks that was raised alongside Kai-Ro, she was like a sister to him, only for their relationship to strain when Kai-Ro picked a Green Lantern ring, while she drank a blue liquid and become Curare
  • Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash (C. Thomas Howell) - cause of Barry's obsession.


Episode Number Title Air Date Plot
40. ???, Part One
41. ???, Part Two
42. Hard Spirits Batman and Hawkgirl through a long dark night of the soul!
Note: This episode is based on the 37th issue of the comic version of the series.
43. ???
44. ??? When the League travel to the 31st Century to see what Imperiex’s drones are planning, Superman finds out about Supergirl dating Brainiac 5, and refuses to forgive any apology Brainy gives out for the incidents the original Brainiac caused.
Trivia: This episode has plot elements from The Little Mermaid and Romeo & Juliet, Supergirl takes the role of Ariel, Brainiac 5 takes the role of Prince Eric, Lantern, Arrow and Plastic Man take the role of Sebastian, Batgirl takes the role of Flounder and Superman takes the role of King Triton.
45. ???
46. ???
47. ???
48. When Bad Girls Go Good Giganta's back in town and looking for the Flash! But it's not revenge she has in mind, it's dating.
Note: This episode is based on the 38th issue of the comic version of the series.
49. ???
50. ???
51. ???, Part One
52. ???, Part Two