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this is only the Beginning!!

Pokesqaud: Law of Nature== 20 years after the destroyed the Pokemon World!! Ash is now 21 years old (since the Pokemon world's atmosphere slowed his aging process) he is now a hero named Ashemis Prime (Broderick Matthew Broderick) , he also a famous billionare courtesy of half of Prof. Oak's (Hopkins Anthony Hopkins) and Alan Ketchum's (Bridges Jeff Bridges) common wealth! but Ash use's the money to help people in need and those who are in danger of starving!

But little did he know that Drake Roark Simmons (Travis J. Gould), plans on trying to userp Ash and be the next in line of Prime Interprise (Ash's father's company)! Ash was in Artisan Grove Museum seeing the Skelleton's of ancient Dragons, giant prehistoric mammals, Dinosaurs, and strange creatures of an alternate future (Future is Wild The Future is Wild)! Then Ash notices someone is walking up to him it was taller than him it was a woman with Auborn hair, wearing black and white sneakers, had her midriff showing, had blue jeans and a black shirt, her skin was in a Goldish Tan, with Green Eyes! Ash has never seen a girl like that before Ash found out her name was Kori, she started seeing his eyes and was bammed!

Ash then gets memories of how Prof. Oak died at the hands of a mad man named Ross Robinson, and Ash was there when it happened, he later consulted his Father Alan Ketchum about Ross Robinson! Ash also had memories of the revelation of Gary Oak's betrayl and was the one who was cheating Ash in the Pokemon League,