Remember the Titan is the one-hundred and tenth episode of Ben 10: Universal Road Trip.


Ben’s excitement of finally meeting his cousin, the Dragon Princess is turned to shock and confusion when he realizes that some clowns who call themselves, the Teen Titans are goofy, lazy, and waste time on their lives, and he, Rook, Helen and Pierce call them out for their laziness, and they learn from Prince Gyula a secret about the imposters.

Major Events:Edit

  • Ben finally meets his cousin, Starfire, the REAL Starfire, the Dragon Princess.
  • Ben, Rook, Helen and Pierce come face-to-face with the Toddler Titans, and their show’s creator, Control Freak.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Helen Wheels
  • Pierce Wheels
  • Prince Gyula
  • Teen Titans:
    • Dick Grayson/Robin
    • Koriand’r/Starfire - meets her cousin, Ben
    • Victor Stone/Cyborg
    • Rachel Roth/Raven
    • Garfield Logan/Beast Boy


  • Galaction - fights Robin one time, to Rook’s odd confusion, as he senses something is not right
  • Control Freak - responsible for canceling the original Teen Titans show, paving way for the lame version
  • Toddler Titans: The Titans from the reboot show, Teen Titans Go
    • Robin - has a more less intelligent side.
    • Starfire - has a less charismatic approaches
    • Cyborg - ???
    • Raven - ???
    • Beast Boy - ???

Aliens used:Edit

  • ??? - used to ???
  • ??? - used to ???
  • ??? - used to ???
  • ??? - used to ???
  • ??? - used to ???


  • Ben: (angrily) Are you kidding me, are they making an ugly version of my cousin, AGAIN?!
  • Prince Gyula: Well, the company got greedy and hired idiots.
  • Cyborg (Teen Titans Go): No offense, bro, but you have a-
  • Ben: Shut up! I have enough of the dumb quote!


  • Rook’s suspicioun of Robin and Galaction’s fight foreshadows something.