the Venomus 5Edit

  • Ms. Boa (Hynden Walch) - Leader
  • Sting II (Dave Wittenberg) - Second
  • Blitz Toad (Troy Baker) - Scientist
  • Terrible Lizard (James Remar) - Muscle
  • Centepede (Mona Marshall) - Tracker

The Volts ClanEdit

  • The Volter (Travis J. Gould) - Master and Leader of the Volts Clan
  • Lord Vulton (Jeffery Tambor) - Second in command
  • Electromite (Jeff Bennett) - Enforcer
  • Princess Neon (Kari Wahlgren) - Female support of electircity
  • Electron (Vyvan Pham) - Neon's partner
  • Coach Whip (Troy Baker) - Creature

Team ZodiacEdit

  • Val Khan/ Dark Dragon (Greg Cipes) - Leader (Dragon)
  • Viper Jaw (Richard Green) - Second (Snake)
  • Orangutox (Jim Piddock) - muscle (Monkey)
  • Bullet Proof Johnson (Jon Polito) - Enforcement (Pig)
  • Cress Morse/ Cerberus (Dee Bradley Baker) - the Hunter (Dog)
  • Tygris (Jim Cummings) - the Tracker (Tiger)
  • The Pilot (Dee Bradley Baker) - Air borne pirate (rooster)
  • Mad Louie (Bumper Robinson) - Insane whacko (Rabbit)
  • Dr. Abigail Winters (Danica McKeller) - Scientist (Horse)
  • William Haggerd/ The Red Bull (Brad Garrett) - Strength (Ox)
  • Old Man Verroni (Corey Burton) - Eldest of the group (Ram)
  • Stinky Pete (Jim Cummings) - Spy (Rat)

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