Megatron and his fellow Decepticons take advantage of his trial by ordering a breakout, as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet and 2 new faces of their crew work to stop him.


  • Autobots:
    • Optimus's Team: was broken up by Sentinel in the end of Trial of Megatron Part 1, but was rebuilt by Trial of Megatron Part 3
      • Optimus Prime (David Kaye) - is a popular choice to be Magnus
      • Bumblebee (Bumper Robinson)
      • Jazz (Phil LaMarr) - replaces the spot Prowl was in
      • Ratchet (Corey Burton)
      • Ironhide (Corey Burton) - replaces Bulkhead when he has to protect his Energon farm from Strika, he also finds himself working with Bumblebee in order to make it up to him for being a bully to him in Autobot camp, he even scanned a pick-up truck vehicle mode resembling the live-action film version of the character while retaining elements from his Generation 1 counterpart.
    • Bulkhead (Bill Fagerbakke) - works to defend his farm from Strika
    • Sari Sumdac (Tara Strong) - stays on Cybertron to learn more about her origins, while being educated by Arcee, and training in the Autobot boot camp under Kup alongside Nightbeat, Hosehead and Siren
    • Arcee (Susan Blu) - educates Sari on Cybertron
    • Kup (???) - Autobot training camp counselor
    • Nightbeat (???) - an aspiring detective sharing Arcee's body-type
    • Hosehead (???) - a Canadian-accented Autobot sharing Sentinel's body-type
    • Siren (???) - a sonic-mouthed Autobot who wears the common body-type employed by Bumblebee
    • Blurr (John Moschitta) - revived and parts of him were merged with Sari
    • Rattletrap (???) - certainly not the most savory character on Cybertron. He can most often be found lurking dark alleys making shady deals with other unsavory bots. Just because his hard luck has seen him doing some less than above board transactions doesn’t mean he's all bad. He actually has a pretty decent spark, and can be guiltted into doing the right thing with the proper persuasion (namely money or fembots).
    • Cosmos (???) - has been fascinated with the stars since he was given spark. Autobots rely on his stellar charts when navigating the spaceways but Cosmos himself has never been off of Cybertron, even the planet's nearby moons. He is quite content to observe and record the movement of these stellar bodies while others make the journey off world. His wheeled ground buggy vehicle mode may be slow, but it is filled with all the sensory equipment he needs to chart the stars.


  • Decepticons:
    • Megatron's faction:
      • Megatron (Corey Burton) - having took advantage of his trial on Cybertron, he stages a breakout on Cybertron and transports his city Kalos to Earth
      • Lugnut (David Kaye) - escapes with Megatron
      • Blitzwing (Bumper Robinson) - escapes with Megatron
      • Shockwave (Corey Burton) - escapes with Megatron
      • Sunstorm (Tom Kenny) - escapes with Megatron
      • Ramjet (Tom Kenny) - escapes with Megatron
      • Stunticons: escape with Megatron
        • Motor Master (David Kaye)
        • Breakdown (Judd Nelson)
        • Dead End (Phil LaMarr)
        • Drag Strip (Susan Blu)
        • Wildrider (Lance Henrikson)