Universes vs Tennyson is the fourty-first episode of Ben 10: Universal Road Trip.


When Ben is tried by the universe for sneaking into his Uncle Frank's office, he and Rook have to find a way to clear his name, and they discover the face behind Enoch's, which is a shocking discovery!

Major Events:Edit

  • Prof. Paradox has been posing as Enoch ever since the Original Series.
  • Ben discovers the real Gwen was a Lechorian War Bot, and he and Rook decide to go to find the real one, so she could help Ben with the mystical pink eyes he's been having ever since Fame.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Plumbers:
    • Max Tennyson - attempts to make up to Ben this time for using him to restart the Plumbers because he wasn't thinking about the future
    • Magister Pattilday
    • Molly Gunther
  • President Carl Tennyson
  • Frank Tennyson
  • Judge Domstroll


  • Robot Gwen - head
  • Prof. Paradox/Enoch - finally unmasked after 4 series

Aliens used:Edit



  • Max: I have to earn Ben's forgiveness before it's too late. (Enters Frank's space apartment, he walks into the hallway and notices some scratches on the floor through the door, suddenly, Natalie catches him) Natalie, I know now's not the best time.
  • Natalie: What do you want?
  • Max: I need to talk to Frank, is he home?
  • Natalie: You can't harm him, he's the best man, the best man in this horrible universe!
  • Max: Did Kevin walk in here before?
  • Natalie: Kevin, that deceiving snake, I should hope not (Max is not fazed, so he turns to the door and prepares to open it) No, you're not allowed in there!
  • Max: (turns on the light, and sees a secret room he discovered, the wall showed pictures of Ben being drawn to look exactly like he's in drag that was used when Ben and Rook accidentally broke it, and some other pictures of him that would make him with feminine features, the right shelf showed Forever Knight technology, lancers and blasters, the wall also showed a picture of Frank, who is the Forever King, while Natalie is in the background covering tracks, then on his right on the left shelf, he notices a mask collection showing Driscoll, Urian, Patrick, Chadwick, George, and on the table where he made fake writing that was made to look like Ben's handwriting to make it look like he was confessing he was posing as Gwen to fool the world, suddenly, Natalie tries to throw a Gold Star at Max, but he dodged it) Where is he?
  • Natalie: Doing what he needs to do, his holy work, cleaning the alien filth from the world, he needs to be severe, but not with us, no no, he's gentle as a lamb with us, he simply the Rightful heir of Arthur. We need him too.
  • Max: (shocked at seeing Natalie having dressed as the Queen) Good lord.
  • Natalie: It was the Forever Knights that was lost, the legacy is hidden inside, Frank brings them out into the light.
  • Max: (grips her) Where is he?


  • Commander Reel: Ben, we owe you an apology, we found out about the Robot, any idea who Enoch is?
  • Ben: (serious) I'll tell you who he is, Commander, Enoch....(removes the hood and mask and reveals) is Paradox.
  • Max: The Professor, I should've known Frank.
  • Rook: Your Uncle Frank?
  • Frank: How did you know?
  • Ben: When I found out both pictures of Gwen were just photoshops from picture of me, I checked the on the Flashdrive Kevin hid. It was the same day Gwen and I were born, or what you said was the same day Gwen and I were born. Still, I wasn't sure. Not until now. Why?
  • Frank: Why do you think? Because of the alternation those idiots Men of Action did believing Kevin who can't find a real girlfriend. For years I'd heard about the legacy and the supposed legend of Sir George. That was the reason I tricked them in the first place. I'd been accepted to the Forever Knights, which gave me access to the tome of time. When I found the story about the Omnitrix that made you similar to the Sages, I decided to disguise myself and begin my search for the tome that Kevin stole. Sadly, I found nothing. Until he and the Men of Action walked into the library seeking advice. They had no idea what they'd found. Well, that wasn't true. Actually, Kevin knew. For access to my knowledge, Kevin was willing to trade my daughter for the Robot. We concocted a scheme to that the true Gwen into Iron Fort Castle by stealing her with a portal keeping her powers under shut down. She was unaware of the Robot i replaced her with, but I still had one loose end. Kevin had to go. I placed an anonymous call to the Rooters, having him mind wiped from the events. By the time Kevin woke, he was already a different person. He was changed to be the son of the man who he believed to be a hero....Devin Levin. Becoming a lawyer allowed me to continue my search for an angle. And I would have found them, too, if you hadn't stopped me, Ben.
  • Ben: That still doesn't explain what happened to Gwen. I want to know where she is.
  • Frank: The truth is, I don't know. I assume she's possibly with her uncle Hex.
  • Julie: Wait, are you saying that Hex is her uncle? But that would mean--
  • Frank: Charmcaster is your real cousin Gwen. (Ben is shocked.) 7 years after she was replaced, Gwen tried to escape Iron Fort Castle. By that time, me and her mother had turned her against her own will and she was turned into Charmcaster. I had to stop Gwen. I made sure she was replaced and told her she'd be getting her life back as long as she did what those idiots made her do.
  • Ben: (angrily) All this for you to be Arthur's successor Where's the tome?
  • Frank: Ben, you're still my nephew, I care about you.
  • Ben: You used me. Where'd you hide it? In your pocket? (tries to search the piece in his pocket but it's empty.)
  • Frank: It's gone? We have to find it. That my nephew is the only truth. Ben. (Ben puts Frank down) Uhh. Ben! (Ben runs away and Julie follows him.)
  • Max: It's over, Frank, your lies and betrayal have ended, I'm sorry to do this, I maybe your father, but what you did to your own daughter is in-excusable, you were a fool for believing your the heir of Arthur.


  • Julie: Ben, i'm sorry.
  • Ben: All this time I've been fighting my cousin, and Kevin and Robot were pretending to back me up.
  • Rook: Ben, Kevin was the one that betrayed, including the Robot, we can find Gwen.
  • Ben: The real Gwen, the real Gwen, i need you to place coordinates to Iron Fort Castle, we're taking Kevin's Rustbucket from now on, I need answers, including the power inside me. (His pink eyes glow as the screen fades out leaving nothing but Ben's eyes as the episode ends).